Downtown Taos MainStreet is an independent, nonprofit, local program to facilitate a shared vision for our downtown, encourage economic vitality, and celebrate Taos’ cultural and historic assets.

We coordinate economic development opportunities for local businesses.

We work with merchants and property owners to improve their businesses and structures.

We make downtown design improvements, and restore our proud history.

In short, we help our local community become all it can be for generations to come.

You can contribute to the positive change by making a donation. Simply click the button below, choose your amount and complete the transaction.

Taos MainStreet: A Great Taos Today – A Better Taos Tomorrow

How is Taos MainStreet different from past efforts?

Taos MainStreet (TMS) is committed to implementing a shared vision for a dynamic economic revitalization in Taos, yet this has been tried without success in the past. So how will Taos MainStreet be different? Accredited in 2019 through New Mexico MainStreet (a statewide organization of experts originating through the National Trust for Historic Preservation) the TMS’ accreditation included more than 50 capacity-building benchmarks in the areas of economic development, design, promotion, and organization. Over two years, the process engaged over 55 volunteer stakeholders.

With this accreditation and local government support Taos MainStreet will be different and will make an impact.

Taos MainStreet has sought community-generated ideas and built consensus around a “better Taos”. One of our most recent community dialogues was the “Strong at Heart” initiative. Those meetings resulted in an executive summary that was adopted by the Taos Town Council in June 2019 as part of their redevelopment plan. Strong local leaders from the private sector, with a notable record of community accomplishments, continue to shepherd Taos MainStreet towards implementation of clear goals developed during the past two years.

Where is Taos MainStreet?

Included here, you will see a map outlining the identified Taos MainStreet District where those initial projects with the greatest impact will take place.

Get Involved

Taos MainStreet is informed and guided by the extensive planning for our downtown.

To move forward, we use the MainStreet 4-Point Approach created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation:


These four primary committees, made up of community members, work together to:

  1. Leverage our natural, cultural, and economic assets into sustained productivity

  2. Build on existing resources to expand the local and regional economy

  3. Strengthen small businesses while seeking investment from larger entities

  4. Foster partnerships with government organizations, nonprofits, and the business community to realize a shared vision of our town

Imagine Downtown Taos

  • As a place reflecting our rich, authentic culture and creativity

  • Served by streets, sidewalks, and paths that promote walkability and access

  • Hosting diverse, thriving businesses that expand opportunity

  • Full of appealing public spaces and events that bring the community together

  • With affordable, attractive housing and business spaces

  • Reestablished as the economic and cultural heart of the community


Goals for Downtown Taos

  • Promote prudent economic development

  • Preserve local characteristics and values

  • Support entrepreneurs and creatives

  • Foster a healthy community