Big thanks to Leighton Moon for designing these social media graphics that promote shopping and eating locally during the COVID-19 health crisis.


Save each file to the same folder on your computer. When you’re on Facebook (or Instagram or whatever other social media platform you might be using), pick which one you want to use and upload it to the post as an image directly as it is. The pictures may seem HUGE but Facebook or Instagram WILL shrink them down a bit and compress them for you automatically.

These images are all perfectly square. They aren’t meant to fit in Facebook’s header image or boosted ads or anything like that. These are really only meant for posts that you’ll add text to.

In your posts associated with each picture, be sure and say more about the subject and provide links to businesses or resources online as you see fit. For the “Shop Online” graphic, don’t forget to include as a reference in your text!

  1. Choose MainStreet Tips (PNG Image)
  2. Give a Gift Card (PNG Image)
  3. Share a Business on Social Media (PNG Image)
  4. Shop Online (PNG Image)
  5. Leave an Online Review (PNG Image)
  6. Leave a Big Tip (PNG Image)
  7. Order Carry Out (PNG Image)