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Facade Improvement Program

The Façade Improvement Program (FIP) is an established framework that other MainStreet communities use to improve exterior, street-facing facades. Taos MainStreet is beginning this program for downtown Taos with a pilot project – we have been working with one property with five businesses to improve their facade. With help from New Mexico MainStreet Revitalization Specialist Will Powell, we will create a plan for facade improvements on this building, form a budget, receive funding to provide a match with the property owner, and make the facade improvements with volunteer and professional assistance. We hope to make this one of our main programs to help downtown Taos – more to come!

FIP Statement of Intent

To provide guidance and incentives to Taos MainStreet (TMS) district business and building owners for the improvement of downtown storefronts that will attract customers, increase economic activity, and create a visually-pleasant downtown as part of TMS’ downtown revitalization effort. Grant funding will assist business owners in façade improvements that are intended to improve the business image, and to assist building owners in façade improvements to increase the building’s quality and value.

FIP Description

Taos MainStreet will work with building owners to improve front-facing facades in downtown Taos. TMS will provide a match to the business and/or building owner for agreed-upon facade improvements that meet Historic District guidelines. The grant will only go toward façade improvements – structural or interior improvements are not eligible for this grant. Building owners must invest money in the facade improvements to be eligible for the match from Taos MainStreet.

Taos MainStreet will bring in a professional architect from New Mexico MainStreet to assist with the design, cost estimates, and implementation of improvements. TMS has been awarded grant funding to support the match from NM Resiliency Alliance. Projects are all dependent on funding.


  • Any business and building owner within the boundaries of the MainStreet district are eligible to apply to the program.
  • Applicants must consult with New Mexico MainStreet architect and, if applicable, design changes must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) before grant funds will be approved. This will be facilitated by TMS.
  • Applicants must be able to provide funding and labor to support the project.
  • Businesses which are majority owned by directors of Taos MainStreet are prohibited from receiving grant funding, but may receive free architectural assistance from New Mexico MainStreet.
  • As program funding is limited, applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Any application may be declined for the following reasons:
    • Information as required on the application and agreement is incomplete
    • Lack of readiness to begin and complete project in timely manner
    • Lack of applicant’s ability to invest funds in the project
    • Façade design does not satisfy all parties involved
    • Façade design negatively impacts historic value of building or those around it
    • Need based on façade conditions