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Merchant Advisors

Taos MainStreet’s Merchant Advisors is a new group made up of merchant representatives that bring ideas/concerns from the downtown merchant community. We have divided the Taos MainStreet district into 9 clusters: Ledoux, Ranchitos/Doña Luz, Taos Plaza, Bent St, John Dunn, Paseo Central, Paseo Norte, Kit Carson, and Paseo Sur (see map below). Each cluster has selected a merchant representative “advisor” to serve in the Merchant Advisors group, for a total of 9 merchant advisors. The advisors are business owners or merchants who will represent their cluster’s collective interests. If you would like to reach out to your cluster’s representative, information is below:

  1. Ledoux: Allison Burke-Duran (Reneaux Consignments) – allison4reneux@gmail.com
  2. Ranchitos/Dona Luz: Allison Burke-Duran (Reneaux Consignments) – allison4reneux@gmail.com
  3. Taos Plaza: vacant
  4. Bent St: Tracy Engelien (Boxie Tees) – tracy@shopboxie.com
  5. John Dunn: Kristin Facciolini (MODA) – kristin@modataos.com
  6. Paseo Central: Eric Anderson (Anderson Tattoo Parlor) – bloodmoneybags@yahoo.com
  7. Paseo Norte: Georgia Gersh (Magpie) – georgiagersh@hotmail.com
  8. Kit Carson: Rob Nightingale (Wilder Nightingale Fine Art) – info@wnightingale.com
  9. Paseo Sur: Maureen Dodd (Elevate and Plant Based Cafe) – lovemaur@gmail.com

This group meets monthly to discuss and assist in prioritizing projects for downtown Taos. More information on the program can be found in this description.

Updated April 2022.