Taos MainStreet Board Policy

The Board of Taos Mainstreet strives to be transparent to the Town of Taos and its citizens by promoting positive relationships with the community, other non-profits, the news media and the public.

Several Best Practices from the Center for Non-Profit Management will guide our behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Board Orientation & Training: Board members will be educated to understand their roles and responsibilities. The Board has in place a:
    • Code of Ethics and Statement of Values
    • Conflict of interest policy
  • CEO Oversight: The board shall responsibly manage and oversee the chief executive’s performance.
  • Ethics & Transparency: The board shall be committed to handling potential conflicts of interests with transparency
  • Agendas will be posted on the website 72 hours before scheduled board meetings
  • Financial Responsibilities: The board has the legal—as well as ethical—responsibility for ensuring the exclusive and effective use of all assets for charitable purposes. As part of this obligation, the board or appropriate board committee will review and approve all financial statements for completeness and accuracy.
    • Conduct Independent Financial Reviews, Particularly Audits
  • Financial Documents
    • IRS Form 990-PF will be available on the website.
    • Other financial information and Meeting Minutes will be available upon written request to the Executive Director
  • Board Composition: The board shall strive to be diverse and inclusive.
  • Board Performance: The board will regularly assess its own performance
  • Whistleblower Policy: In order to protect the credibility of our organization, any employee and/or volunteer who identifies misbehavior will be protected from reprisal.

The Board of Taos Mainstreet is committed to presenting quarterly reports to the Town of Taos, the Mayor and Town Council, and the Historic Review Commission.


990N Filing 2019